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Locus partners with Redox to allow for data exchange between our flexible and configurable programs and dozens of EMRs and other supporting services.  The exceptional speed and scalability eliminate the hassles of data incompatibility for your technical teams and make Locus a compliment to the EMR.

Me.Health offers a cellular communication Hub to connect health devices to the Locus platform.  Patients simply plug in the Hub and gather data from blood pressure cuffs, scales, pulse, oximeters, and many more Locus supported devices, eliminating the need for the patient to pair and sync from individual devices, creating an easy experience for Locus patients.

Locus is a proud partner of Xealth, which aims to efficiently and effectively bring digital health solutions, programs and tools into health system and provide clinical team with

Supporting the Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation and it’s Mental Health Service program, Ollie’s Branch, as the telehealth solution for therapists and clients to connect via a secure app for therapy sessions conveniently on their own desktop or mobile device, or a device provided to them by Locus as needed. The partnership enabled Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation to reach an underserved, vulnerable community that may lack access to technology, WiFi, and/or cellular to reach OHHF’s therapist community and receive timely and individualized mental health services with the Locus app.

Partnering with national leader Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehab to provide the platform for Pritikin Home-Based/Remote program solutions to its valued customers