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Digitalizing Remote Care with UF Health

Like many health systems Locus partners with, UFHealth needed a solution that met modern medicine in the 21st century

UF Health Congenital Heart Center, part of the UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital, reached out to Locus needing to replace their practice of sending families home with notebooks, and asking parents and other caregivers to manually calculate their infant’s vital signs, record them in a three-ring binder, and bring that binder with them to their next in-person visit with the care team. Working with us has allowed Floridian parents and caregivers the ability to enter patient vital signs into an app and hit “record”, sending data directly into a clinician portal.

Our goal with UF Health and all partnerships is to reduce unnecessary ED and clinic visits, as well as decrease the amount of wasted time spent by the clinicians calling and tracking this information down.

Backed by leading health systems

“We’re confident that the program will allow for better engagement between families and our clinical staff, giving everyone confidence that our infants are doing well during the critical at-home monitoring period. It will also allow us to troubleshoot problems remotely and better serve patients from further distances than we were ever able to see prior to the app. The Locus Health app technology is wonderful because it gives us the opportunity to go home with them. We feel like we’re literally part of the family.” – Mark Bleiweis. MD Director & Chief of Congenital Cardiothoracic Surgery, UF Shands Children’s Hospital

Streamlining RPM from both sides

“One of the problems associated with the binder is that, invariably, as parents are rushing to a doctor appointment they sometimes forget to bring the binder, which is vital for patient care,” said Jennifer Co-Vu, MD, a UF pediatric cardiologist, and director of the UF Health Congenital Heart Center Single Ventricle Program. “With the Locus app, we can remotely track their weight, oxygen saturation and intake.”


Caring for our tiniest patients within hospital walls and beyond through the UF Health Congenital Heart Center’s iPad-monitoring app program.


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