Locus Media Coverage

UVA pushes a pediatric telehealth platform to care for COVID-19 adults

The University of Virginia Health System tied that telemedicine technology to its Epic EHR and a home-monitoring team to achieve positive results for COVID-19 treatment.

Locus Health is transforming in-home patient care with iPad

Locus Health provides a remote monitoring and engagement platform that creates a connection between patients and their clinical care teams.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital deploys Locus Health remote monitoring app

St. Louis Children's Hospital and its Washington University Heart Center have integrated Locus Health's real-time remote monitoring platform into the discharge process for high-risk infant cardiac patients, the hospital announced Nov. 14.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital launches new pediatric iPad app

"The families feel more supported, and we keep babies safer during a critical time period when they are most at-risk for health issues."

Pediatric remote monitoring enhances circle of care

University of Virginia’s remote monitoring program lets parents “take the care team home”

Transforming Pediatric Care with Telehealth Technology

Remote patient monitoring has transformed healthcare, with evolving technology allowing physicians and patients to connect in ways never before possible. But as telehealth has evolved, most platforms have focused on serving aging populations. Pediatrics is a population that has been overlooked by telehealth developers.

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