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How This Hospital’s App For NICU Babies Is Empowering Parents & Sending Their Little Ones Home Sooner

Along with concerns over their child's health and well-being, many parents with children in the NICU struggle with feelings of helplessness. With nurses and doctors doing much of the work behind closed doors, parents can feel separated from their new babies.

Doctors Create an iPad Program to Help NICU Babies Get Home Faster

For years, sick babies at the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital would spend days, weeks and even months in the heavily-monitored, technology-filled neonatal intensive care unit, only to eventually go home with little more than old-school binders for their parents to diligently take notes on their health with a pen and paper.

Children’s of Alabama employs Locus Health’s remote care apps

hildren’s of Alabama will be providing Locus Health’s telehealth and remote monitoring app to new parents taking home infants with complex congenital heart disease.

Children’s of Alabama launches remote-monitoring app for pediatric patients

Birmingham-based Children's of Alabama hospital will integrate digital health developer Locus Health's telehealth platform for remote monitoring of pediatric cardiology patients.

Children’s of Alabama to Use mHealth to Help Families After Discharge

The nation's third largest children's hospital is launching a remote patient monitoring program that will use an mHealth app to manage care for children with complex medical issues after they've been discharged.

Riley program drastically reduces death rate for babies with rare heart condition

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Finding out your unborn baby has a heart condition can be a heart-wrenching experience for parents-to-be. Nearly a decade ago, Riley Hospital for Children launched a program to help parents cope with the stress and responsibility of hypoplastic left heart syndrome, but what they’re finding out now, is that it’s literally saving lives.

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