COVID-19 Monitoring and Reporting Platform

SafeReturn for University and Workplace

Locus COVID-19 Solution

  • Simple, Easy-to-Access App
  • Daily Pass
  • Clear, Concise Daily Reporting
  • HIPAA-Compliant, Secure Platform

Easy-to-Access App

  • White-labeled with school or company logo
  • Focused set of questions regarding:
    • Symptoms
    • Contact with COVID + people
    • Testing
  • Directions provided for check-in, further screening, testing
  • Complete suite of health education/promotion – videos, links, FAQs

Daily Check-In and Pass

  • Refreshed/ displayed daily
  • Directions for red “alert” status

Administrator Dashboards

  • Filtering by location and affinity groups (any combination)
  • Summary population dashboards
  • Key “hot spots” identified

See how Locus will transform your Health System.