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Remote Patient Monitoring

Clinical Support Services For Your Care Management Team

We have experienced, licensed clinical staff supporting customer remote care programs to ensure providers are connecting patients and providers in the right way and at the right time, and positioning programs to scale. Our clinical support services include:


  • In-depth training and implementation support for our software and patient management programs



  • Ongoing account management to support the success of current program and identify new opportunities for our solutions to address new remote care challenges

Addressing Gaps

  • Locus Health clinical staff available to assist customers’ care management teams as needed to start and/or scale programs


  • Experienced teams to deploy the technical solutions needed to succeed in remote care programs

Advisory Board Profile: Locus Health and University of Virginia Health System

University of Virginia Health System (UVA) partnered with health care analytics and remote care solutions company Locus Health to reduce readmissions among UVA’s patients discharged to home. The combination of UVA’s post-acute programs and Locus Health’s predictive analytics and remote care platform sets the partnership up for success. UVA’s strategic investment in the company allows for in-depth information sharing, including a direct interface between its clinical data warehouse and Locus Health’s analytics platforms. 

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