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University of Virginia Health System

Building Hope at the University of Virginia


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Integrating with one of the leading health systems in the nation was no easy task –

But working alongside healthcare teams striving for innovation, we provided a holistic, multi-level solution that streamlines their RPM experience.

With physicians and leadership at the University of Virginia looking for innovative ways to monitor and care for their patients post-discharge, the need for a solution of today was growing stronger than ever. By creating a partnership with Locus, we worked to understand the UVA Health System process, train frontline staff and acclimate them with the software, as well as deployed iPads to the many patients & families and ensuring their connectivity with healthcare staff.

Bringing Hope home

It was an honor to bring UVA Health System their first remote patient monitoring system that truly connected patient to physician in ways that had never been utilized before. Patients and caretakers entering data on an iPad would now be monitored in real-time by the right teams, ensuring any vitals out of normal bounds were quickly triaged.

An Innovative Leadership

Pediatric cardiologist Dr. Jeff Vergales was a major piece of the puzzle when implementing the Locus software at the University of Virginia Health System. “I felt that we were doing things with 1950s technology but utilizing medicine that was living in the 2000s.”

The UVA Children’s Hospital and leadership behind it have a vision of innovation that allows a product like ours to truly transform the way patients and physicians can connect.

All the features you need to monitor patients and administer healthcare, streamlining RPM from both sides

Building Hope is a parent engagement and reporting resource designed to assist in the home monitoring of children with medically complex conditions – when they are most vulnerable.

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