Locus is dedicated to exceptional innovation through thoughtful integration and improved workplace efficiencies.

Locus is a full-service enterprise solution offering integration of electronic health/medical records (EMR/EHR) and device data. In over 70 different populations, Locus provides customizable views and discrete data integration to make your medical records smarter and reduce burden of charting known data by your clinicians.  

The philosophy at Locus is to provide optimized workflows for large health systems blended with smart billing procedures to reduce clinician administrative burden.  

Locus Health offers health systems an enterprise level solution for Electronic Medical Record (EMR like Epic or Cerner) integration with medical device and consumer device data. Viewing a patient’s holistic health across the spectrum allows for a deeper clinical and problem-solving approach to health. It’s hard to solve a puzzle with missing pieces, so let Locus show you what the full picture of health looks like.