Investing in Locus is a true commitment to workflow efficiency for your clinicians and improved outcomes for patients.

Removing the burden of administrative data entry from your clinicians and providing a seamless experience for the patient are just the start of what we offer.  


With the continued adoption of wearable and medical device technologies, Locus allows for an easy integration of data from patients to your EMR. Locus provides the right data at the right time for the best clinician and patient experience. 

Investing in a solution to integrate data for your clinicians gives them time back to see more patients, deliver better care and reduce administrative burden. You will also have the confidence that your IT team can adequately support device innovations by simplifying vendor management.

Why Locus

What our customers are saying

“Locus allowed us to gain a full-time staff member back in practice by eliminating the need to chase down and enter data. “

Dr. Jeffery Vergales,

University of Virginia Health System

“After researching other remote monitoring platforms, there was no question that integrating Locus was hands down the best option for us. This turn-key program is unlike any other.”

Julie M. Stumpf, RN, MSN,

Manager Cardiac Neurodevelopment Clinic, St. Louis Children’s Hospital

“The first question any parent asks when their child is admitted to the NICU is ‘When can we go home?’ Locus is allowing us to help some families return to their normal daily lives faster because we know babies thrive most in their home environment. It’s a real game changer.”

Dr. Cristina Miller,

Neonatologist at Children’s Minnesota

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