Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is the tool to leverage glucose as a vital sign – bridging the gap between clinician and patient populations. Currently, Locus is partnered with Dexcom to enable the first discrete data integration supporting provider workflows in the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Locus is on a mission to integrate all diabetes device data and adjacent metabolic health insights into the EHR for a robust picture of patient and population health.  

Medical device technology has previously focused on models that require the clinician to log in to separate websites to obtain patient summary data in pdf form, and further, to upload to the EHR for documentation. Limitations of the pdf format, especially the inability to analyze data in the EHR for system metrics, also adds unnecessary time, complexity and security concerns for the health system.  

 Locus integrations are available via “single sign on” (SSO) to your existing EHR via discrete data transfer, making data access automatic and cumbersome pdf uploads obsolete. Leverage more from your EHR investment with robust data analysis available for all connected patients.  

 If you have not yet partnered with Locus, please have your health system administration reach out to us here. We are excited to make integrated diabetes technology a reality for all clinicians at your health system, including both endocrinologists and primary care teams.  

Glucose is a vital sign.