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Locus Health launches at-home pediatric monitoring platform at Portland’s OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital


Portland, Oregon — May 30, 2019 — Parents of children released from the Pediatric Cardiology and Neonatal Intensive Care Units at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland are now being given an iPad equipped with the Locus Health platform to assist in their home recovery.

The Locus Health app is a remote monitoring system that connects parents and health care providers, allowing them to share vital health information in real-time.

The collaboration between Locus Health and OHSU Doernbecher, called Growing @ Home, will provide for a more seamless transition from hospital to home for babies and their parents, and bring more workflow efficiency for clinicians.

“Children recover better at home. The Locus platform helps them to get well in the comfort of their own home while their parents electronically document vital data like weight, heart rate, food intake and oxygen levels. We are thrilled to be bringing our technology to OHSU Doernbecher, which provides excellent care to children throughout the Pacific Northwest,” said Locus Health Vice President, Lindsey Koshansky, RN.

The Locus platform utilizes Apple iPads and iPhones and replaces bulky binders of hand-written notes that parents have traditionally used to track their children’s vital signs outside of the hospital. Locus has been proven to reduce the number of post-discharge ER visits by children treated for heart defects by as much as 40 percent and helped to reduce the total amount of days that neonates spend in the NICU by as much as eight days.

Locus is able to leverage providers’ existing workflows, enabling care teams to efficiently manage large groups of patients and allowing clinicians to spend more time helping their patients, instead of collecting information.

In addition to OHSU Doernbecher, the Locus Health platform is currently being used at fifteen other leading Children’s Hospitals throughout North America.

“We are so pleased to now have a presence on the west coast at OHSU Doernbecher. We look forward to a successful program in Oregon and our continued expansion to more Children’s Hospitals in the U.S. and Canada,” said Kirby Farrell, Locus Health CEO.


Locus provides a tailored remote monitoring and engagement platform that creates a meaningful connection between patients, parents and their clinical care teams. We partner with health systems from initial consultation to implementation and deployment, making the promise of pediatric care management at home an affordable reality. www (dot) locushealth (dot) com


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