Our Platform

Software that extends the impact of care to the home

Improved patient experience

We love seeing patients and families relieved when they are handed iPads instead of overwhelmed by confusing verbal directions and binders filled with printed material. Their considerable stress at discharge is immediately replaced by the reassuring knowledge that their care teams will remain close by to provide crucial support if needed. Coupled with a data entry process that has zero learning curve, informative educational materials, and video links, and helpful patient portals, Locus supports a recipe for a successful recovery at home.

Comprehensive provider dashboards

Our platform was developed by putting the needs of healthcare providers first. Its modular construction allows for configuration of both the app and dashboards, providing effective remote monitoring for any adult or pediatric patient populations — from chronic to complex.

By leveraging providers’ existing workflows and seamlessly integrating with any EMR system, Locus enables care teams to efficiently manage large groups of patients and allows clinicians to spend more time helping their patients, instead of collecting information.

All the features you need to monitor patients and administer healthcare, streamlining RPM from both sides

  • Fully managed, white-labeled program
  • Real-time data submission
  • Customized educational content and embedded videos
  • Secure photo and video transmission
  • HIPAA compliant messaging
  • Secure dashboards for clinicians containing vital signs, alerts and trended views
  • Adjust measurements and thresholds per population and patient
  • Insightful data to guide ongoing care and improve outcomes
  • Push surveys and receive responses
  • Translation to Spanish
  • Adaptable for any adult or pediatric patient population
  • Seamless integration with any EMR
  • 24/7 help desk

See how Locus will transform your Health System.