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St. Louis Children’s Hospital deploys Locus Health remote monitoring app


Andrea Park – 

St. Louis Children’s Hospital and its Washington University Heart Center have integrated Locus Health’s real-time remote monitoring platform into the discharge process for high-risk infant cardiac patients, the hospital announced Nov. 14.

Families and healthcare providers will now use iPads and iPhones instead of the traditional pen and paper to send patients’ health information, including weight, heart rate and oxygen levels, directly to their medical team. On the providers’ end, the HIPAA-compliant app allows for more efficient management of patient data, and enables clinicians to spend more time engaging with patients, rather than collecting information.

According to the release, the Locus Health platform has been proven to reduce pediatric patients’ length of stay by more than 30 percent. It is currently used in more than 25 pediatric hospital across the U.S. and Canada.


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