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Ollie’s Branch


May is mental health awareness month and Locus is kicking it off with one of our greatest partners, The Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation (OHHF). Today, we reflect on how Jenn and Mark Hinkle took a devastating personal tragedy and curated a solution that offers mental healthcare to patients and their families navigating pediatric heart disease (PHD) also known as congenital heart disease or (CHD).

The legacy that The Hinkle’s created to honor her son, Ollie, has provided resources and support to help countless others. Ollie was born with Pediatric Heart Disease (PHD) and passed away when he was only 1 year old. The support infrastructure needed to navigate the grief was not there, and Jenn Hinkle noted how patients and families could be better served. Turning the loss of Ollie into a healing journey for so many became a driving force in propelling the family unit forward.

Under the name, Ollie’s Branch OHHF offers a roadmap to navigate the many hardships and lifelong illnesses that their loved one must face. OHHF has created a telehealth platform using Locus technology to address this need. Ollie’s Branch can provide access to reputable and compassionate mental health services tailored to the heart community. Through this service, clients develop the coping and resilience skills needed to face the lifelong challenges of living with a chronic illness. OHHF and Locus Health recognize the systemic barriers that people may face when accessing mental health. Thus, this collaboration aims to provide an accessible and seamless experience for those seeking the free mental health support offered by Ollie’s Branch.

In the upcoming weeks of mental health awareness month, we will provide insight into what mental healthcare for these patients and their families makes a significant impact in their daily life.

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